About the blog

Hello stranger!

I’m Katka and I am on the shore. If you’re now wondering why I’m ‘on the shore’, I’ll give you three hints:

  1. Do you know the book Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami? So there’s the first why.
  2. Some of my foreign friends were struggling with pronouncing my name and kept calling me Kafka. Thank God they didn’t call me Franz.
  3. Until recently I lived on the shore.

I started ‘Katka on the Shore’ on 15 November 2014 – shortly after my birthday – to cope with the depression of getting old (no kidding) but I began to write long before that, mostly poems and short stories about my dreams (my actual dreams at night), love and relationships. I even had a blog before this one, but after realising the blogspot is dead and the defeat of having a total number of zero followers I decided to change the scene and here I am. An amateur writer/photographer, who believes one day to become a professional, and a professional hedonist/idealist, who hopes can live this way forever.

This is a blog about an adventure called life on the background of growing up, learning, and (sometimes) traveling. It is my passion and about my passions. I spend a good deal of my days thinking, contemplating and daydreaming about… THINGS. Regular things, everyday things, fascinating things. I like to seek beauty and truth in them. And I want to write about them.

This blog does not have one specific theme or goal. It is influenced by all the people I have met, all the books I have read and all the conversations I have overheard or led. Everybody and everything can be my inspiration.

I believe this quote from one of my favourite books best describes it:

“In avoiding specific goals he had avoided specific limitations. For the time being the world, life itself, could be his chosen field.” Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road.

I am happy you visited Katka on the Shore and I hope it becomes a pleasant and inspiring part of the world wide web.



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