Should I stay, should I go?

I’m so sick of the direction my home country is going.  So, so, so sick! In case you don’t care for Eastern European politics, in Slovakia we had parliamentary elections on 5 March.

I don’t want to talk about politics, so I’ll just quickly summarize it for you: Basically, the biggest thieves, scammers, and corrupters won again thanks to their populist politics and people being that stupid. 14 neo-nazis got to the parliament thanks to – yeah stupid people again, together with a couple of blond plastic ladies with LV handbags and a funny rich guy who’ll soon become a new Genghis Khan – having more kids he can count. And yeah, two parties that appeared quite worth voting for, ended up betraying their voters and after the elections teamed up with these corrupters.

And the best part? We’ll have the most absurd and nonsensical coalition of all times consisting of four absolutely incompatible parties: social democrats, rightists, nationalists, and Hungarians. Amusing, huh?

There’s been much talk lately among the people who THINK that the situation has not been this alarming since over a decade ago. Many young people say stuff like: “Okay, I’m buying a one-way ticket to <insert country here> and I’m off of this doomed land.”

Yeah, their thoughts are completely justified. The current situation is a tragedy for the Slovakian nation (only the herd of sheep is not aware of that just yet).

But is this the solution to everything? To just leave? I mean, of course, we do not owe this country anything. But it makes me so sad even thinking about how many quality people will go helping to build other countries. Nothing wrong with that, but what will become of Slovakia? I love this country, I don’t want to see it crumble and collapse.

Good people are, after all, what this country desperately needs.

Though I was considering leaving myself, now I’m thinking I’d rather stay and maybe try and help a little. I don’t exactly know how, I’m still working on that part.

But I believe that in a country where virtually everything sucks it’s quite an easy task to do something good to make it a better place to live. I am quite a hopeful person and I truly hope that there will come better days for Slovakia. I want to see this country thrive and its people happy.

Until then, I’m disillusioned. But I am also sure that while there’s life, there is still HOPE.


2 thoughts on “Should I stay, should I go?

  1. Katka, this is a profound post. I think your conclusion is exactly correct…It’s the best people, that see the problems, that are the most important ones to stay connected and help to solve the issues.
    This was a wake up call to me since I’ve been very tempted to just drop back and let it all go to hell here where I live since I see the same situation coming up for the US presidential election. Just exchange names of parties, and I see the same mess, sheep-like voters etc.
    So one, thanks for re-energizing my resolve to watch for good things I can do wherever I can, and two, be sure not to send anyone to the US since things here are going to be just as mixed up and sideways for the next few years at least.
    I still don’t know who I can vote for in the next election. I have so little hope that the ones with the ideology I agree with will be able to be effective with the machine that will be around them, but I don’t want to vote for the ones I can’t truly support either. It’s difficult, to be sure.
    Is there really anywhere better? Everywhere you go, there you are…as they say.


  2. I have gone through the same sentiments continually here in the UK for decades. It is just Slovakia. Look at what is happening in the USA with Trump! Basically I think people vote for strong enigmatic leaders regardless of which party. Also people are naturally selfish and want to listen to what can be offered to them.


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