In a thread factory

I am working in a “Thread factory” but I am not making threads.

Some clever heads (and hands) refurbished the former thread factory in Bratislava and turned it into a beautiful co-working space for young artists, entrepreneurs and freelancers. On the first and second floor there are mostly art studios, galleries and ateliers, on the third floor there’s this vast space for startups and that’s where I work.


I truly believe that work environment does affect our mood, creativity and productivity. We were just discussing this with one of my colleagues while we were looking around us at work. We said something like: Yeah, this place is just so awesome that even if the job was shit, I would love coming here. Only the job isn’t shit, it’s actually amazing, which only makes it better!




The place itself is a source of inspiration. The creativity flows in currents in this large airy space. I love the mixture of the new and the old. Of the modern minimalism and the cold industrial architecture. It goes well together.



And who would have thought that inside this ugly building there’s something as pretty as this. Well, do not judge a book by its cover. 🙂



2 thoughts on “In a thread factory

  1. What a wonderful environment to work in. I’d love going to work there, too. It doesn’t seem at all cold or harsh, and you’re right– the industrial lines, the large spaces, and the decorative items all complement one another nicely. Thanks for sharing — it’s great to see!


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