IT crowd

I never knew many IT people. And those few I knew I used to call nerds or geeks or just weirdos. You know what this is all about: stereotypes. I saw them on the telly, in films etc. where they were pictured as unsocial, boring and geeky, so I naturally built this image about them in my mind…

This reminds me of my grandma. She used to force me try new meals when I was little and whenever I refused she asked me: Have you ever tried it before? I said I didn’t. And she always replied: Then don’t judge! Try it first and then decide whether you like it or not.

This is so true. I never had a real IT nerd for a friend. Yeah, I knew several people who studied computer science but it was different when we were students. I never experienced what it’s like to be inside the environment. So I kept on nurturing this stereotype until I got this job.

And I found myself right IN the environment: it’s just five of us in this little startup – three software developers, one designer and me. Aside from these three “nerds” I closely work with I got to know lots of others because we sit in a co-working space of more than 40 people and there are so many of them! (Actually, I feel like a weirdo most of the times – not understanding half the things they’re talking about.) I always thought that I, as a computer anti-talent, can never get on with these people. I thought our opinions, lifestyles and sense of humour are worlds apart.

It turns out they’re NOT. I realised this thanks to these two people: Milka and Juraj (in this picture we were preparing breakfast for our fellow co-workers, which is a Monday tradition).


To put it simply – I love them. They’re so good, kind, genuine, honest, funny…  I can’t really describe them without having to use superlatives. I have absolute trust towards them. I know that when I tell them something they won’t pass it on. I know that when I’m in a bad mood in the morning they’ll cheer me up during the day. We are so different, our lives outside work are so different… but for an unknown reason we click. I’ve found great friends in these two in the time when I really needed a friend and it makes me so happy I could die.

This might be a huge generalisation, but I’ve found out something about IT people: They’re pure souls. They seem somehow unspoiled by the world outside. Isn’t it odd? I feel more corrupt and rotten by 21st century than people who basically live off modern technology and development. But I am merely a consumer, internet and social media user, online shopper etc… while they are the scientists behind all this.

There are plenty of other “scientists” in our co-working space who inspired me and still inspire me every day (they have no idea of course). It’s strange but there’s one thing they all seem to be giving off: tranquility. For me, due to my turbulent past couple of months, that’s something I am very thankful for.

I consider myself so lucky that I can work with such good people. No fake, no schemes, no malice. I wouldn’t want to work in a place where there’s no trust, where relationships are iffy, where people are afraid of saying something out loud in fear someone might use it against them one day.

I love going to work. On Sunday evenings I’m all excited that it’s Monday tomorrow. It’s quite a paradox, that one of the reasons I like my job so much are the very people I was so worried I’d never get on well with. That’s the irony of life 🙂


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