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It’s Katka on the Shore’s first birthday!

Well… time flies. It feels as if it was just a week ago that I was sitting at the table in my old London house, writing my first post. My housemate Chris was at his laptop in front of me, editing some video, when he told me: “So you’re starting your own blog, awesome! Can I read it?” And I was like: “Oh please don’t, I’d be embarrassed. After all, it’s nothing really, just my random thoughts.” Overcoming the initial self-consciousness about showing my thoughts to the public was hard, but in the end I learned not to be ashamed of showing my emotions, sharing my opinions, even confessing some of my secrets.

It had been a year full of lessons. Good and bad. And I am very thankful for them.

On this special day I would like to express my greatest gratitude to all of those who’d been reading my posts and supporting me with their nice comments.

I always thought: “Who’s ever going to care about what’s on my mind?” But… to my surprise, there are some who care. To this day I have published 134 posts and gained 192 followers. That’s more I’ve ever hoped for.

And even though I was kind of neglecting Katka on the Shore lately, I’m planning to keep on going. I hope I’ll regain my motivation to write so that this blog can live and flourish again.



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