Diagnosis: writer

I’ve put together this list of 10 “symptoms” of being a writer based on my observations of other writers and on my own life.

  1. They are probably the last people on this planet who actually use pen and paper on a regular basis.
  2. Their fingers are always stained with black or blue ink.
  3. There never seems to be a pen handy. There are always hundreds of pens lying around everywhere but JUST when you need it quick – not a single one!
  4. Or there never seems to be a functioning pen handy. Whenever you get a sudden flow of ideas and thoughts and you’re writing it down, right in the middle of it all the ink runs out. (happens to me all the time!)
  5. There is always this genius thought that comes to their mind only to show itself for like a second, and then miraculously disappearing. Cruel, cruel thoughts. Why do they do this? I’m sure they must have a good laugh about it.
  6. They question everything, over-think and over-analyze everything. Everything is special because EVERYTHING can be an inspiration for a story.
  7. Bags and dark circles under their eyes are one of the side effects of writing. It’s a result of permanent lack of sleep (because you never know when the muse kicks you – and sometimes it kicks you at 2 am in the morning).
  8. Creativity is like walking on a thin ice. If we were to graphically depict it it would have a shape of a sine wave. Sometimes it is making fun of us – when we most need it, it fails us.
  9. Writers tend to be lone wolves sometimes. Family and friends might be under the impression they ignore them sometimes. But it’s not like that. They just need time to be alone with their thoughts.
  10. They have a tendency to seek trouble and they’re prone to be depressed. Why? Because trouble makes interesting stories and depression is the most creative time. Weird, but true.

Keep dreaming up marvelous stories 🙂 ❤


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