6 things we hate about job hunting

If you’ve ever experienced the pleasures of being unemployed I’m sure you’ll understand what I’m trying to convey here. I was jobless for 4 months and it was frustrating as hell. I know people who didn’t have a job for much longer than that, but let’s face it: having no job=no money isn’t good, regardless of for how long.

My friend says with a laugh: “I don’t need job, I only need money” and yeah I partially agree: it is one way of looking at it. However, I was never planning to rob a bank, win a lottery or inherit a fortune so I guess there was no other option for me but getting a proper job. And I was trying. BUT I had to face the facts: as a fresh graduate with little experience nobody wanted me. And those who wanted me, I didn’t want them. Pretty much like with relationships in general.

But HALLELUJAH – last week I got my dream job! I finally managed to make writing my profession. No more compromises. Seriously: writing for money? Could I be happier? Stars must have aligned right. Thank you stars.

So here are 6 things I hated most about job hunting (and I’m sure it applies to almost all who struggle like I was):

1. Motivational letters – we’re all sick and tired of writing MLs. It’s not like you can have one universal letter for all job applications. You have to adjust every single one to one particular job offer and in some cases you have to change everything completely. I know they are necessary. They’re just pain in the ass.


2. Waiting – what I mean here is waiting for them to reply to your email. In some instances this much longed for reply is simply not coming. You often end up praying even for a negative answer, just so you at least know for sure. But not knowing and them leaving you hanging is the worst. You refresh your inbox all the time, you don’t know whether you should mark this one off or still keep the hope, you keep asking yourself why they didn’t get in touch… Patience. Patience.


3. Screw off emails – they are all so kind to you but what they’re really telling you is F*** off, you’ve not enough experience, you’re not good enough. Phrases like: your CV was really good BUT, we liked your writing samples BUT, we regret to tell you this BUT, and so on and so forth. And after keeping you waiting for so long they could at least be so kind to apologise for the delay. Nope. Not a single sorry given. And the usual lies at the end: We wish you luck next time, best wishes, please get in touch next time. AAAAARGHHHH.


4. Never ending questions – this is a classic. No need to explain more. “Do you have a job?” “And now?” “Why not?” “So did you get that job you were applying for?” “So you’re unemployed?” “So you still don’t have a job?”


5. Interviews dilemma – to be or not to be yourself? What if they won’t like my true self, should I show them who I really am? Should I be honest and speak my mind or embellish (lie) a bit? What’s too casual? What’s too formal? Why is he looking at me like that? Did I say something wrong?
You can’t make them like you – all you can do is give it a go, be yourself (to the extent you see fit) and hope they will.


6. The competition – Knowing that to succeed and get the job you have to be the best of all the other candidates is quite a tough one too. I’ve always hated it, it is such a pressure. You never know who the others are, you can only guess and, again, HOPE. In this case, we all hope the others will suck.



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