Budapest in a hurry

My house in Budapest, my hidden treasure chest… for you, oooh, I’d leave it all…

Last weekend in Budapest I kept humming this tune all the time. It’s from the song “Budapest” by George Ezra by the way. Speaking of George Ezra, seems like this year I’m only traveling to places he’s made a song about: In February I’ve been to Barcelona, which is the title of one of his songs, too (plus I actually followed George Ezra to Barcelona – I went to his gig). So, I’m wondering what city he’s going to write the next song about – so I know where to book my ticket to đŸ˜‰

OR another theory of my 2015 travels is that I only visit cities starting with B. Barcelona, Budapest, I live in Bratislava, in november I’m visiting Berlin…. interesting.

Well, never mind. I’m definitely coming back to Budapest soon because this visit was only cause of Sziget festival, which wasn’t enough for this city. We only had like a couple of hours to walk around, during which I took some nice pictures. They have no coherent theme, they’re not the classic sight-seeing pictures, you can’t even tell they were taken in Budapest. But they carry an essence of Budapest, or at least of how I felt about it đŸ™‚











And yeah, sorry for the quality. They were all taken with my phone.


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