Budapest in a hurry

My house in Budapest, my hidden treasure chest… for you, oooh, I’d leave it all…

Last weekend in Budapest I kept humming this tune all the time. It’s from the song “Budapest” by George Ezra by the way. Speaking of George Ezra, seems like this year I’m only traveling to places he’s made a song about: In February I’ve been to Barcelona, which is the title of one of his songs, too (plus I actually followed George Ezra to Barcelona – I went to his gig). So, I’m wondering what city he’s going to write the next song about – so I know where to book my ticket to 😉

OR another theory of my 2015 travels is that I only visit cities starting with B. Barcelona, Budapest, I live in Bratislava, in november I’m visiting Berlin…. interesting.

Well, never mind. I’m definitely coming back to Budapest soon because this visit was only cause of Sziget festival, which wasn’t enough for this city. We only had like a couple of hours to walk around, during which I took some nice pictures. They have no coherent theme, they’re not the classic sight-seeing pictures, you can’t even tell they were taken in Budapest. But they carry an essence of Budapest, or at least of how I felt about it 🙂











And yeah, sorry for the quality. They were all taken with my phone.


Sziget festival pt. 2

Sziget is one of the biggest summer music festivals in Europe and unlike most of them, it is a 7-day festival, which is huge!

And it’s in Budapest, which makes it even more cool.


Or Udapes 🙂

Today I read a couple of realities about Sziget on Wikipedia and this made me giggle: “Being located on an island, some festival goers have tried to enter by swimming across the Danube [river] or by paddling across in an inflatable raft.” Well I wouldn’t exactly call them “festival goers” but something like “festival intruders”. But the thought of somebody actually trying to get in by swimming across the river is hilarious. I can also imagine someone slightly intoxicated trying to swim from the island to enjoy himself a little Budapest trip in the middle of the night.



Sziget is also known as the island of freedom. Some people took it too literally if I may be honest, but all in all I was surprised how lovely and nice everyone was. Many times I got in a conversation with someone – like on a toilet, at the bar, in the crowd – and that someone turned out to be a really nice and positive person. I guess it’s the reality thing. Everyone’s literally left the reality behind and enjoyed oneself.


All around the island were these little surprises like decorated trees, passage of umbrellas, flowers installed on bars and stalls, art pieces… Sziget was just a full audio-visual pleasure.


Even some bins got to be decorated!


Speaking about the audio pleasure. The main highlight of the Saturday evening – Kings of Leon – was a bit of a disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, they were good and everything but definitely not a highlight. For me, Major Lazer was the best. They stole the whole evening!



So thanks Sziget for a beautiful weekend. Thanks to my friends as well, of course! It’s not about where you are but who you are with!


So what I learned this weekend:

  1. You’re never too to rock’n’roll.
  2. But you might be too old to go watch the show from the middle of the crowd of 20,000 people.
  3. Hungarian “palinka” (meaning spirit distilled from fruits such as cherries or plums) is the best! Especially the cherry one!
  4. Never wear a new dress to a festival.
  5. If something costs 1,500 it does not necessarily mean it’s expensive (that’s approx. 5 euros).


See you next year Sziget!

Hello festival life again! Sziget pt. 1

My short trip to Sziget (means “island” in Hungarian) was, in the Hobbit’s terminology, an unexpected journey. I didn’t know I was going until Thursday when my friend Tina asked me if I wanted to go with her and there really was no need to think twice about it!


Yet, I was wondering whether I wasn’t too old for such a festival? (Stupid me, I know now.)

I was a huge festival lover (and goer) once. One summer, I believe it was 2006, I went to 4 different festivals, other times I had to attend at least two a year. After 2011 3-day Nova Rock festival in Nickelsdorf, Austria I started to realise that I must be getting old. Well, just too old to leave the reality behind and for three days be staying in a place full of noise, dirt, alcohol, drunk people, junk food and poor personal hygiene. Before this one I never even thought about it, I just somehow went with it and took all these discomforts as a part of every summer festival. But that year it just didn’t feel right anymore, and even though I had lots of fun, I felt like it was time to say goodbye to my festival life.

So I didn’t go to a single one for three years, until now.

And I really can’t remember why I felt so old then! 

I guess we feel old when we least should, in circumstances where age doesn’t really matter at all. But this is the truth that only comes with age (paradoxically).

Yes, I came home dead tired, voiceless and dirty all over. But how else can you truly appreciate a nice shower if not after a festival? Wouldn’t you take your comfy bed too much for granted if it wasn’t for occasional adventures like these?


We are never too old. Only too absorbed in our everyday lives we call the reality. We sometimes need to leave the reality behind and be wild again.


I guess I’m still a rocker at heart. Once a rocker, always a rocker \m/ 🙂

These doors

…are all as if saying: “Come and have a cuppa!” or just “This is our home, lovely and warm. Welcome!”

I just love these quintessential British doors. Who can not love them? These were taken two weeks ago in Shepherd’s Bush and Notting Hill during my short London trip.

Enjoy and fantasize about what’s behind these lovely colourful doors, just like I did (just like I do all the time).




Looks like someone’s about to be surprised 🙂