Dear Cecil

I’m so sorry for humans. Our intelligence has given us power to do wonderful things but at the same time it is the source of atrocities beyond belief.

Hunting is not a sport. Hunting WAS a means to survive. Thousands of years ago it was the only way to preserve humanity. However, we no longer live in hunter-gatherer society. We live in a society where the only hunted and gathered things are money and resources.

Hunting in 21st century is a mirror of the sickness of this era. It is a mirror of greed, indifference and self-centeredness that rule our world today.

Whenever I hear a story like this I feel sorry for us. The moment a human thinks he’s won over nature, he becomes a loser. There’s no way we can ever win. There’s not even reason we should want to win. A human who pretends to be above nature is a joke.

There’s no excuse for this. There’s no explanation. It is pure evil. It is a confirmation of our weakness.

This was also an act of cowardice. It’s like shooting someone in the back. There’s no heroism in killing an animal with a gun, while the shooter is seated in a car at a safe distance.

I hope this case will serve as a memento to all hunters and that it will compel authorities to act. Hunting for a sport should be banned, as should import of such “trophies”.

What gives us the right to do this? Who has ever appointed us as kings of the jungle?

I had to say this. The case of Cecil the lion is sad and infuriating. But it’s good that people talk about it. Everyone should know.


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