Street poetry

Dear anonymous poet, whose poem I found scribbled on the glass wall in the streets of Bratislava,

I don’t know who you are but please keep writing on walls of this town. It desperately needs some more poetry. You could maybe start a new genre: a street poetry. It would be a perfect way to get poems closer to people. I’m your huge fan already.

Now, this is probably what I’d say to him/her if I knew who it was. But seriously, when I bumped into this poem randomly scrawled on a glass wall as if in a rush, I thought: what a wonderful and selfless intention, whose ever it was, to brighten up this gloomy street with a beautiful piece of poetry. And make the passers by stop for a moment, read it and think about it. (Too bad that all the people I saw passing the place didn’t even pay attention to it.)


I tried to translate it, although it doesn’t sound half as good as the original:

Through the glass wall

He’s looking through glass,
has no faith in coincidences,
Those trees must have grown
for a certain purpose.
He wants to touch them,
In other way than before,
He’s looking through glass,
silently watching their silhouettes.

He’d love to walk on the grass
barefoot again,
Breathe its scent in
when it’s freshly mowed
He has no faith in coincidences,
And the sky is pale,
A windless day,
And the grass is dead still.

He dreams of a storm,
that makes his heart pound
And when the rain comes,
He wants to go out
But he can’t fight with the glass wall.

He doesn’t feel pain, nor relief
He’s looking at the trees, at the grass
He wants to believe, but the world
Makes no sense today.


*That’s the kind of vandalism I heartily support!*


6 thoughts on “Street poetry

  1. It’s a great idea — and a very good poem, too. A blog friend belongs to a “guerrilla poetry” group. They do it a little differently, but the idea is the same. They write out their poems on cards, and then leave them in various places: in the wine aisle at the grocery store, in a doctor’s waiting room, and so on. The point is the same — to be creative, to startle people, to remind them that there’s more to life than drudgery.

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  2. Thank you for the translation! What language is the original version written in? Although I’m afraid I’m not very good at comprehending the true meaning behind a poem. Would you have a little time to decipher it or to voice your thoughts on this poem?

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    • Yeah sure! It’s Slovak language – my native tongue. Well, my version is that the person who wrote it had in mind how nowadays many people lost contact with nature and how modern era got us used to offices, laptop screens and phones to the extent we are no longer able to appreciate the beauty of nature. I think the poem is about longing to return back to “innocence” so to speak, to the era when life was simpler, more connected to nature and we enjoyed simple things, we appreciated beauty instead of money and cars and such. Maybe I see more to it than there actually is.
      My friend for example thought it’s about love. That it’s about a guy who loves someone but his feelings are unrequited, he feels as if standing “behind the glass wall” – that no matter how much he wants to love the person, it is not possible for there is something in between them like a wall of glass.
      oh I hope it makes sense 🙂


    • Oh and also, it is very likely that metaphors such as used in this poem have no single explanation. That’s the beauty of it – everyone can interpret it differently because every person thinks of something else. A glass wall can represent virtually everything that stands between us and our desired goal.

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