Lucky thirteen

Do you have a lucky number? I don’t know if mine is a “lucky” number, but I know for sure that 13 is “my number”. It doesn’t really matter whether it brings me luck or not. It’s simply everywhere. I’ve been connected to this number my whole life .

My birthday is on the thirteenth, I became a woman when I was thirteen, I got my first kiss on the thirteenth, I became a woman for the second time on the thirteenth, my favourite letter M, which is my second initial and the first initial of my favourite person’s name is the thirteenth letter in the alphabet, my name was thirteenth in the list of students in my secondary school class…. And I could go on and on.


Lately, however, my favourite number changed slightly (or I changed it) to 113. Not that thirteen was too mainstream (it is actually) but 113 is even more personal and I don’t know why but recently I’ve been seeing this number everywhere.

Last week I had this very strange day: I woke up, checked my phone – it was 13:13 (another late night). Later in the afternoon (well, morning for me) I went out to pay my phone bill to the company shop and the queuing ticket machine at the front gate gave me my ticket – number 113. Then I went to buy tea to the tea shop, I asked for 100 grams of Pu-Erh – she said “can I leave 113 g?”, and I was like “oh yeah sure, doesn’t surprise me”. But that’s a lie: it did surprise me, I started to find all these things really weird. The last 113 thing which crowned it all that day was when I went home and at zebra crossing a car with 113 on the registration plate gave me way to cross.

It was well weird, even to me! I really do believe in signs from above and that’s what I think those were – signs.

Because just a day or two before this “113 day” I was again lost a bit and was thinking whether I’m not doing everything wrong, whether I’m on the right track and was kinda asking this question inside myself all over again. And here was the answer! I didn’t even have to wait long for it.

I guess it was to tell me that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I hope I interpreted it well.

*The picture was taken in Southampton last year. The shop should have been named “Unlucky 13” in my humble opinion.*


4 thoughts on “Lucky thirteen

  1. I enjoyed reading your post. I also like the number 13. It is an interesting number since many people think it is unlucky too šŸ™‚


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