If my feet could tell a story


I’ve always had a bit of a feet fetish. I was always very proud of my feet. I don’t even know why. I guess it’s because I liked the way they looked. And I have always been very sensitive about them. I can’t stand the feeling of my feet touching the floor and that’s why I never walk around barefooted, except on grass or sand (natural surfaces somehow don’t scare me). And I’ve always made sure they’re nice and clean and well taken care of. 🙂

It is not an easy job feet have. To carry us around every single day for several decades. And they’re almost never resting.

There’s this common recurring dream I suppose many people have, the one in which you’re trying to reach something, but you can’t because your legs weigh like 100 kilos and you can’t move them. In that dream I am looking down at my feet – just like on the picture above – then looking up, seeing this thing I want to reach (it can be a bus, train, person…), then looking down again and trying to make my feet move. In that dream I can physically feel the despair of being unable to make a move.

And when I wake up from this dream, I am all the more grateful for the first step I take that morning.

Our feet could tell amazing stories. They’ve been everywhere with us, they’ve touched every road our head decided to take. They’ve allowed us to discover and explore the world. They’ve walked miles and miles and miles, not wanting anything in return. Only a short rest from time to time.

We should pamper them. Take care of them. Buy them good quality shoes. They deserve it 🙂


In love with beautiful floors 🙂


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