Streatham Common

I took these photos in Streatham Common – a vast green space just a couple of minutes away from my house in London where I lived last year. A place that I have very fond memories of.

The sky was beautiful that day.






4 thoughts on “Streatham Common

  1. I’m just back from a little trip of my own, and saw some light very much like you show here. The photos are beautiful. The first and third, especially, have a bit of a feel of English landscape art. Quite appropriate, since the Turners of the world would have seen the same sort of light!

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      • Goliad, Texas, where I stayed at the Presidio, one of the shrines of Texas independence. I”ve got plenty of photos & will be doing 2-3 posts on my blog. There’s nothing like being all by yourself overnight at an empty fort, with pretty much the run of the place — at least, the grounds. I’m eager to get my chores done so I can start processing photos.


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