Italian Market in Bratislava

A small bit of Italy came to my hometown Bratislava this week and I couldn’t miss it. Not only did they bring plenty of yummy stuff but supplied us with a cheerful atmosphere and sunny weather as well. It was really nice hearing “prego”, “grazie” and “ciao ragazzi” in the streets of Bratislava for once. It’s been quite a long time since my last visit to this favourite country of mine and I long to go back.

This “Mercato Italiano”, organized by the Italian Society in Slovakia, brought back many fond memories and reminded me why is it that I love the spirit of Italians (because they are simply very agreeable people) 🙂


Three centuries, one picture

Left to right: Contemporary architecture style – Aupark Tower, built in 2006 – 2007; Socialist realism – SNP Bridge with the UFO restaurant and observation deck on the bridge’s 85 metres high pylon built in 1967 – 1972 by the commies; and Baroque – the Plague Column dedicated to Virgin Mary built in 1712 – 1713.

In Bratislava, Slovakia.

IMG_7952 2

Which one is your favourite?

Me? It’s not that hard to decide really…

When the sky cooperates

Many photos would not be half as nice if it wasn’t for the clouds.

Cloudy sky simply looks better on pictures than when it’s plain and clear. And when you set out to take pictures it’s nice when the sky cooperates with you and prepares good conditions for your photo shoot. This particular time it cooperated very well – when I looked up to the moon that night, every now and then there appeared a hole in the continuous layer of clouds with the moon right in the middle. And it was just beautiful. And I didn’t even intend to go take pictures that night… I only happened to have my camera with me.



Words lose their meaning

Do you know what semantic satiation is? According to wikipedia it is this psychological phenomenon in which repetition of a word or phrase causes it to temporarily lose meaning for the listener, who then perceives the speech as repeated meaningless sounds.

Take an everyday object, say, a broom. Now repeat the word “broom” again and again. Broom, broom, broom, broom, broom, …. See? Not only you feel like this cluster of letters totally doesn’t make sense, but also that you’ve temporarily forgotten what the word broom stands for. (Just a little tip: if you’re gonna try this, go for a different word if you don’t want to sound like you’re attempting to imitate an old car’s engine starting.)

This is exactly what happens with some words or phrases nowadays – they lose their meaning. Only you don’t need to repeat them out loud all over again 10 times in a row. What I have in mind here are words or phrases that denote feelings. Like everyone is “so happy”, “so sad”, “so misunderstood”, everybody “loves” everybody…

Is it just me or do people nowadays waste away too many words? Every social network encourages you to show the world how you feel and by wanting so bad to present yourself in a good light, you end up embellishing your own feelings to the extent you might almost forget what was your original emotion. I think that by trivializing the emotions, by turning them into a set of emoticons and comments they slowly become just empty words. Words anyone can use anytime to make oneself believe he or she actually feels that way.

Or maybe, the meaning of the word is still the same, but its value is missing. I serve as a good example to this. I am the worst hypochondriac. There is always something I identify as a symptom of this or that disease and whenever I do, I annoy my friends and family with my constant whining about how I need to go and see the doctor, how I’m dying and thinking about writing a testament and so on an so forth…
Do you think anyone takes me seriously? And would they if I was for once actually ill? Yeah maybe, if the evidence was indisputable. Like, say, I’d be all blue and cold – then I guess I would be taken seriously. But repeating something without any value to it? Of course it becomes trivial.

Nowadays, these emotions people show on social networks are like my “illnesses”. Just words.

With our facebooks and twitters where everyone is saying (writing) stuff like: “I’m the happiest person ever”, “I love you so much”, “you look so gorgeous”, and on the other hand trivializing stuff like “I’m sad”, “I’m depressed” or “I feel lonely” would we even notice when someone is truly happy? When it’s not just glitter? And would we even distinguish between attention seeking and a genuine cry for help?

Winchester: People

Aaah Winchester. I love that town. It’s cozy and charming and peaceful.

Walking around the old town I couldn’t help noticing the people of Winchester are different than elsewhere. I don’t know why but they all seemed serene, nice, stylish and … I don’t know… cool. There is this artistic essence all around the town and I guess the people reflect it. They, too, are like art.

It’s impossible to capture Winchester’s charm in a photograph, but if I am to attempt to do so, how else – if not via people? 🙂

If my feet could tell a story


I’ve always had a bit of a feet fetish. I was always very proud of my feet. I don’t even know why. I guess it’s because I liked the way they looked. And I have always been very sensitive about them. I can’t stand the feeling of my feet touching the floor and that’s why I never walk around barefooted, except on grass or sand (natural surfaces somehow don’t scare me). And I’ve always made sure they’re nice and clean and well taken care of. 🙂

It is not an easy job feet have. To carry us around every single day for several decades. And they’re almost never resting.

There’s this common recurring dream I suppose many people have, the one in which you’re trying to reach something, but you can’t because your legs weigh like 100 kilos and you can’t move them. In that dream I am looking down at my feet – just like on the picture above – then looking up, seeing this thing I want to reach (it can be a bus, train, person…), then looking down again and trying to make my feet move. In that dream I can physically feel the despair of being unable to make a move.

And when I wake up from this dream, I am all the more grateful for the first step I take that morning.

Our feet could tell amazing stories. They’ve been everywhere with us, they’ve touched every road our head decided to take. They’ve allowed us to discover and explore the world. They’ve walked miles and miles and miles, not wanting anything in return. Only a short rest from time to time.

We should pamper them. Take care of them. Buy them good quality shoes. They deserve it 🙂


In love with beautiful floors 🙂