Sense and sensibility

Imagine there was a war inside of you between the heart and the head. Who would win?

Me? My heart is simply invincible: so far it has won every single battle and it insists on ruling me with an iron hand.

Recently I had a discussion about this with a person very dear to me. We are the exact opposites. He always excelled in natural sciences, I was good in humanities. He would never acknowledge the existence of anything beyond the realm of logic or science, I always talked about fate, karma, horoscopes or zodiac signs (and he thought I was crazy). He always had his feet firmly on the ground, I was flying high up in the clouds. He was the rational one, while I was impetuous. And yet, we complement each other. I was always trying to open his mind a little for him to see things the way I do and in return he was helping me to get back to reality. Perfect.

So it was. We were different and we often disagreed with one another but each time we eventually found a compromise. Until now. The thing we were dealing with lately couldn’t be resolved due to our different points of view on the “heart-or-head” dilemma. He is not able to switch his head off and let himself be led by his emotions. Me, I would never allow my head to hold dominion over my heart.

It’s not that I never think about what I’m going to do. I don’t do everything impulsively, I would probably be dead by now if I did. I simply do not believe in too much thinking. I believe our hearts deserve more attention. They should be taken more seriously.

After all, what would our lives be if we let the reason alone be in charge? Isn’t the heart the very organ we thank for the best things in life – love, emotions, passion?

The head has under its command a legion of other soldiers, like common sense, pride, logic, unforgivingness, distrust, skepticism and many others, that try to destroy the heart’s division. These take from us the opportunity to listen to what our heart is whispering to us. Yes, whispering, because where the reason intrudes, it somehow fails to speak loudly. But the head’s forces, especially pride and logic, are less valuable than it might seem. It is sometimes worth it to sacrifice them for a better purpose.

I’ll put an end to my absurd war metaphors and ask a few rhetorical questions: Why there are so many movies filmed about love? So many songs sung about love? Poems and books written? (This theme seems to be inexhaustible!). Why there were so many tears shed on account of love? Hours spent on the phone? Money spent on flowers – if not because of love? (Florists would simply go out of business if it wasn’t for love).

Why nobody sings about reason? Because it is not that important. Screw reason. It only brings us trouble and kills love. And I don’t speak only of romantic love, but all kinds of love. Parents – children, brothers – sisters, friends, animals…

Why everyone sings about love then? (I bet even the birds on roofs and trees sing their little songs of how much they’re in love with a certain beautiful bird lady). Because, whether we like it or not, it is the most important thing in life. In fact, nothing else matters. Would someone have a reason to live if he was to spend all his life without love?

I have to end this post now before I get a diabetes from how sweet it is. Guess I won’t be using the word “love” for at least next 3 days 🙂


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