Blogging as a therapy

I wish I knew what it’s like to feel normal. I know no middle way. Either I feel perfectly happy and euphoric or absolutely low.
I sometimes wish I could reach a state of harmony. Balance.

At the moment I am not exactly in the cheerful state (which is sort of obvious from my latest posts). But I know I will get there soon. I’ll get there just to fall back into melancholy again.

Yesterday it occurred to me I would feel twice as bad if I didn’t have this blog. In my lowest mood I thought: “Where would I be without writing?” I don’t know. Writing is really like a therapy. Some prefer to talk about it. Sing about it. Paint it.
One way or another, you simply need to get it out of your chest. I am getting “it” (whatever the “IT” is) out of my chest on here – everything I am going through is reflected in this blog.

The best thing about blogging is the people. When I read what other bloggers have written I am often overwhelmed with a warm feeling that people are simply great. So creative. So ingenious. I love this aspect of humanity.

And the greatest feeling ever? Getting a positive feedback. When someone drops me a nice comment, likes my post or follows my page, the feeling of appreciation is amazing. Mostly it is people who I don’t personally know. And when someone leaves me a comment where he/she is sharing his/her thoughts with me I feel a great influx of satisfaction filling up my heart. I often think: “Someone is ACTUALLY reading my random thoughts and pseudo-philosophical contemplations. A stranger is interested in my thoughts. This is beyond belief.”

My thoughts and my opinions define me. Therefore, if someone is interested in my writing, it is as though he was saying: “I am interested in YOU.” “I like your MIND.” “Keep it up.”

For this I would like to say one big THANK YOU to all the blogging strangers.


4 thoughts on “Blogging as a therapy

  1. Isn’t it fun, getting to know people? Even in cyberspace, it can be a delight. I used to fuss a little that none of my family seemed interested in reading what I wrote, but now I no longer worry about it. There’s more than enough blogging family to go around!


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