Sorry, you’re too good

Absurd? Definitely yes. But when I think about it… in the world today it does make sense.

I always thought such thing as being “too good” doesn’t exist. Goodness is after all something desirable, there can never be enough or even abundance of it. I also thought you can never offend, discourage or alienate someone by being good. It would never have occurred to me that goodness can actually be someone’s disadvantage.

Bad news. It can.

Friendships: It might seem ridiculous but even when it comes to friendships, being too polite can turn some people off. One time I borrowed a nail polish from a friend and right after I was all done with my mani and pedi I went back to her room to give it back. She laughed at me for being too polite and saying to me “I am never returning anything on time ha ha”. So I’m weird because I am?

Relationships: You know what they say: “men love bitches” and “good girls love bad guys (and the good ones get friend-zoned)”. Meaning each of the sexes would rather have someone “bad” for a partner. Good equals boring, so it seems. I myself was dumped several times for my alleged excessive “goodness”.

Work: In work environment this absurd boycott of goodness works probably the best. Being good, kind, polite and all those other old-school virtues are an absolute disadvantage here. The more money is involved, the worse interpersonal relations are there at the workplace.
It’s like politics. The good ones always burn as heretics at the stake.
I experienced what it’s like to work in a team, which only assured me I want to (have to) work alone.

There are new values in today’s society. You have to be cunning. Competitive. Bold. Predatory. All this silently. Secretly.

If you want to succeed you have to be the predator. If you fail to be one, you’ll end up being the prey. Hunted and eventually eaten.

(Yes, you guessed it right. This post is a very impulsive and emotional reaction to a recent disillusionment.)


3 thoughts on “Sorry, you’re too good

  1. Me? I say good is good, and very good is better, and if there are those who want to mock me for being trusting, kind, unwilling to tear others down (well, most of the time) — so be it. But of course, I’ve lived long enough to know bad (both mine and others) and just made a decision that I prefer good.

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