Two souls

Do you know the feeling when you are explaining something to somebody and he says he understands what you are saying but deep down you feel that he has no idea of what you’re talking about? And then there are other people, who you simply hint at something and the other immediately catches on and their face lights up at once in agreement. Or when you’re describing something complicated and you can’t find the right words but the other person completes your sentence and their words are actually exactly what you had in mind.

I’ve got a friend, who is the second type – a precious person. Well, we are not exactly friends, because we still operate at a customer-employee level of relationship. We don’t know each other for long and we don’t even meet that often. She’s my masseuse. I go to massages every 2 weeks for half an hour so it is not much time spent together, but sometimes I’m thinking how wonderful it is not knowing someone and yet feeling like you’ve known them for ever. She completes my sentences. Whenever I cry my heart out she listens and then replies something really helpful and truthful. When she speaks, I only have to agree with what she says because it is exactly what I am thinking. When she speaks about herself it’s like she was talking about me.

We often talk about souls. We both believe in fate, that nothing is a coincidence and that us – humans – are not bodies, but rather souls, who happen to have a physical appearance. And whenever two souls get together there is a purpose behind it.

When two souls meet it is always for a reason. Never underestimate a sudden encounter because you never know WHY, for what reason you bumped into this very person out of 7 billion souls on this planet. But you can be sure this soul plays its role in your life.

A different decision might have caused you wouldn’t meet the very person you know now. But you made your decision and he or she is in your life. Maybe they are there no more, but knowing them has a purpose. Maybe you had to learn something from them. Maybe you had to grow stronger through knowing them.

We learn from everybody. I believe the true education is the university of life and the real teachers are people around us. I am grateful for every person I met because each one of them is like a lesson. Every encounter is a lesson – for both. You pass something of yourself to the other person and the other passes something of themselves on to you. Reciprocity. After we have met a new soul we are no longer the same as we were before knowing them. Family, friends, enemies, acquaintances, even shop assistants, passers by, a woman behind the counter… everybody can give you at least a little something you might use later.

What if when we meet someone new and get the feeling like we had known him for ages we are actually right? What if our souls know each other, only our bodies don’t? I believe it is possible… only it is not a theory one can put his finger on. Our mindset is too restrained by logic and science – humans find it hard to think outside their borders and naturally avoid topics that challenge them.

I believe in something I can’t explain, study, or substantiate with facts. But isn’t it exactly the way religion works? Believing in something non-earthly, something you can’t prove with evidence?

So this is my religion. I believe in an unspecified force that aligns the stars so beautifully I am meeting wonderful people and experiencing incredible things.


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