Smells like May

I went out of my house the other day early in the morning, it was a bit chilly still and cloudy, but with the first breath I took the familiar feeling hit me: the butterflies in my stomach that almost felt like sickness, an overwhelming feeling of happiness mixed with confusion and expectation, the scent of warmth in the air soothing my lungs from within. I knew instantly what that feeling was: May.

The smell of lilacs. When lilacs bloom on my street I know right away happy times are coming – spoiled by nothing and nobody. I love spring – it is after all a prelude to summer – a time when the whole world is in bloom. Like a beautiful flower.





A ladybug sat on my finger – I guess that’s a good omen right? πŸ™‚




Yaaaay finally the free-your-toes season has come !!! And I am more than happy πŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “Smells like May

  1. I’m especially fond of the yellow tulips — lovely! And I miss lilacs so much. I can’t even remember what they smell like. We have other flowers here in Texas that are as pretty, but I’ve yet to find something with such a memorable scent.

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