No coincidences

They regarded themselves as too sophisticated to believe in destiny, but still, it remained a paradox to them that so momentous a meeting should have been accidental, so dependent on a hundred minor events and choices. What a terrifying possibility, that it might never have happened at all.

As it usually happens to me, the book I am currently reading reflects the way I feel at the moment of reading it. I don’t know whether it is my intuition that makes me pick the right book for the right period of time, or whether there is some force from above that aligns things and events together so that they all intertwine.

One way or another, it is happening again with the book I am reading now: one of my favourite authors Ian McEwan – On Chesil Beach. I can identify with many thoughts in the book but these two sentences I am quoting at the beginning of this post were so terrifyingly accurate I thought to myself “this is no coincidence!” Funny enough, the quote itself is about destiny and nonexistence of coincidences – my favourite topic to discuss.

In my third year of uni I was considering to choose “free will vs. determinism” as the topic for my dissertation but my tutor dissuaded me from it for the chance of it being too complex and broad. Too bad. It might have been a very interesting and engaging disso. Surely quite a controversial one. Either you believe in fate or not – it really is that simple. Guess what kind of person am I? Yes, you guessed it right – I am utterly and wholeheartedly a fatalist.

I always felt I could actually read signs fate is sending me. I always trusted my intuition because whenever I listened to what it was telling me it ended up a good thing. Even if at first it might have seemed like a bad decision – in retrospect I always had to admit it was a lesson learned and a lesson much needed.

Whenever I spot something I take for a sign from fate I get this warm feeling that everything is the way it’s supposed to be and I am exactly where I should be. At times I am even picturing where would I be now or what would I be doing if I’d done even the smallest thing differently… Isn’t it a bit scary? No matter how minor and trivial a decision shapes completely the way our life moves forward. Everything we do, every second spent, implies what happens next.

To me, intuition is a voice you might either choose to follow, or ignore. It is some sort of inner voice that we were born with – a voice that many people will never be able to hear for it has no logical explanation. And people love logical explanations don’t they? – if there’s no evidence, then it doesn’t exist. Feelings, however, don’t need any evidence, any proofs because there simply are none. How do you know that you love somebody, that you can trust a friend, that someone cares about you? You don’t. You simply feel it. And you should trust your feelings.

April was rich on signs from fate. It was also rich on changes and important encounters.

All those signs only assured me I am exactly where I want to be and where I am supposed to be. Home.


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