Doors of Bratislava

Another one of my door collections. This time in my hometown – Bratislava. (Plus one window with a bonus – a dog !)

You might notice that most of these doors are a bit shabby and rusty. That’s a result of our disrespect to the old and our over-glorification of the new. It amazes me how many new buildings are being constructed nowadays – but so little a regard for the old and shabby ones that could tell much more interesting stories.









3 thoughts on “Doors of Bratislava

  1. Your photos are wonderful. Of course, I’m a great fan of doors and windows — I might have mentioned that before.

    I confess I had to refresh my memory on Bratislava. I’ve been reading some fabulous articles, about everything from the replica of Wenceslas’ crown to the Easter “water and whipping” traditions. The sense of history is so different in Europe. It was one of the things I liked most about my time there.


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