Creative break

There is this expression – “creative break” – which I sometimes use but now that I think about it I don’t even know what it means. If I want to say I am taking a break from another activity to write stuff I say I’m taking a creative break – a break to be creative and to do nothing that could interrupt my creativity. But I realised I used it many times to say I am taking a break from writing and from everything creative – which is in fact the exact opposite.

Well, just like I’ll never solve the problem of “what came first – a chicken or the egg?” I will probably never know which one is the right meaning.

One way or another, I took a break from writing for good 3 or 4 weeks. Every writer, artist or simply anyone who’s but flirting with creativity needs it from time to time. Everybody needs holidays. A writer’s holiday is to regain energy and inspiration for a brand new word flow.

Now I can easily say this little creative break helped me a great deal.

However, I remember someone telling me once: A writer is never resting. He may seem quiet or even unproductive but he’s thinking all the time. He’s watching and listening carefully. Until one day he gets what he was waiting for: a kick of inspiration.

I believe that is the right meaning of “creative break”.


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