Never thought blogging could be a bad thing

I never thought to have a blog could actually become my disadvantage.
Never have I ever thought being creative is a bad thing.
In this world it sometimes is, so it seems.

Yesterday I got fired from my job. One of the reasons was this blog. How did they know about it in the first place? That I would like to know. I never even mentioned I had a blog.

I am not an IT expert but this is what I think: No matter if you post something anonymously, it can always be traced back to you. On social networks, blogs, online discussions etc you should always think twice before posting anything because even if after some time it might seem what you posted is long forgotten – it is not. Online we are exposed. If you think “privacy settings” can be relied upon, it is not true.
If they want to – they know everything about you.

And the creativity? Well… in some places it is not a desirable value. In some places they prefer machines. They are more predictable after all.


2 thoughts on “Never thought blogging could be a bad thing

  1. Being creative is never a bad thing. It may cost sometimes though. And I am an IT expert and I agree that there is no such thing as anonymous on internet. But then why regret writing or saying something you felt was right at some point in time? 🙂
    P.S. : Does name Heather Armstrong ring a bell?


    • Thanks for the comment. The thing is I don’t regret it at all. Saying to have a blog is a bad thing and being creative is a bad thing was only my sarcastic way of how to point out the absurdity of it all. It is not a bad thing for me, but it clearly was a “bad thing” for them, whoever it was who read an inappropriate post on my website.
      and btw thank you for the tip, no I never heard about Heather Armstrong before, but I googled her afterwards and I see now why you related her to my post. It was kinda uplifting knowing the same thing happened to someone like her, who became what she is now 🙂


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