Life in a rabbit warren

My first month as an employed person is over and by now I can conclude one thing: I was very wrong when assuming there will be nothing thought-provoking or spiritual about the office culture. I thought this place – which I like to call a rabbit warren – will eat out my soul and I’ll become one of those weary machine-like humans whose only consolation is the payslip by the end of the month.

In my humble opinion it all hangs on the point of view.

Being this sort of personality, who likes to contemplate over the most ordinary things and challenges the most mundane stereotypes, I was able to get over the fact that this place I go to every morning indeed is a rabbit warren and I am nothing more than a rabbit myself ! Instead I take this place as a social phenomenon I am priviledged to be a part of. And I’m going to observe and analyse it.

Office, and especially this large (about two thousand people), is really fascinating. Every day I make little observations (to myself of course, who would listen to me?) about how the company works, the way people behave during and outside working hours, how their lives are mutually intertwined, how the “team spirit” the company emphasizes so much is actually a beautifully disguised manipulation, how everybody is being brainwashed but nobody wants to admit it and…. all in all what a perfect and elaborate apparatus office is.

My biggest praise goes to the genius who invented the open space type of offices. Who cares about privacy anyway? Or health. Because not only you can hear someone sneeze from about 10 feet away and then hear about 10 people wish him to be blessed, but you can be more than sure the fragments of this unknown person’s sneeze will reach you. If not by “air” then by tubes of air-conditioning (because windows are overrated). Of course you can’t see it, just like you can’t see the person who sneezed. In fact this very much defines the open space office: you can’t see the person/bacteria/misery but you know he/she/it is there (and in great amounts!)

PS: “Big brother is watching you”.

PS 2: I’m sorry but I guess I just need to keep on subversively mocking that place as a form of protection against the stereotypical soul-eating office lifestyle. I hope that’s legit. x


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