Time-traveling in Siena

Siena (Tuscany) is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Italy, and undoubtedly one of the most famous ones. Be sure it is very touristy, but unlike other places I have visited in Italy, here it somehow doesn’t feel that annoying. It may be because all the tourists are scattered wandering through the cute narrow streets, but I think it’s mainly down to the fact that the town breathes out this special, charming medieval atmosphere and all of a sudden you find yourself in another century.

Photos taken with my old crappy analog. I love what it does to pictures, how different they are to digital. And I believe they are flattering to Siena. Imperfectly perfect. 






Twice a year a famous horse race, the Palio, is held on this square ‘Piazza del Campo‘.




I dream of Tuscany

I wish I could immediately move myself to these beautiful lands and just die there. After a long life of course. And what a life it must be! To live by these infinite vineyards, to drink delicious wines and to have these beautiful views whenever one feels like it… Well, I can only say I do believe in heaven 🙂

I took the first three pictures with my old analog, the fourth one is taken with a digital camera.
Location: Tuscany (Italy) somewhere near the town of San Gimignano.






O sweet nostalgia,
You, who torture us with vivid pictures and lucid sounds.
You, who bring back fragrant scents and fierce sensations.
You, who we loathe when we feel the blame.
You, who we worship when times are mad.

We run to you in desperate need to escape back to times when everything was wonderful. Why is it that you always taste so wonderful? Why is it that you always taste sweeter than this very day?
Everything about you is perfect.

But you are just an illusion.
Everything is an illusion but this very moment.

What water gave me

This photo is my little attempt to recreate Frida Kahlo’s painting ‘What water gave me’ but with a new title: ‘What my job gave me: Headaches’. And now I am seeking comfort in water.

Sometimes, when the headache is almost unbearable I think to myself conclusively: “Clearly, a normal job doesn’t do me any good”.

See, that’s what happens when you try to turn a night owl into an early bird. 🙂

what water gave me

Commie leftovers: Bishkek architecture

My amazing and adventurous trip to Kyrgyzstan and its capital Bishkek resulted in me realising – among good many other things – that it is way too easy to seek beauty where there is abundance of it.
Instead, try and look for it in places where there is lack of it.

Here are some examples of Bishkek’s architecture. I took these while strolling around this fascinating city – a city I never thought I will ever go to – a city I must return to.



This building was something like a leisure center with an indoor swimming pool. Hence the “wavey” stairs in front of it.


Through this corridor we got to a little local restaurant where we filled our stomachs to the top with delicious food for a very delicious price – around 1,50 euros.





A view from our hotel.