Barcelona: day 3 in pictures

What this Barcelona trip taught us is this: if you are visiting city that was worthy of its own separate guidebook meaning it is not described in a travel guide about the country it lies in only on just like two or three pages, a long weekend is never going to be enough. This is a pearl of wisdom I must remember for the future reference.

On the third day we went to see Park Güell – well known even to those who have never been to Barcelona. I don’t think there is a single person older 12 years of age who never saw the iconic panoramic picture of the city taken from the park with the two even more iconic buildings designed by Antoni Gaudí in the front. When it comes to this, we were not very lucky – one of them – the one on the right – was under construction, which to a great extent ruined an incredible number of pictures and mood of several keen photographers that day. The park itself is a very nice place so we took a long lovely walk around. You can feel Gaudí everywhere inside – the patterns and colours are amazing. The long curvy ergonomic stone bench is really impressive – it is decorated with shards of various different pots, plates, porcelain dishes and whatnot, that Gaudí collected and then used. Some parts of the park, especially the monumental zone and the houses, are just too crowded to bear. The people wanting to take a picture with everything slowly started to get on my nerves: especially when I tried to take a photo of the lizard statue and almost couldn’t get one proper pic because of all the people wanting to have a selfie right next to it. Wow, I thought: this must definitely be the most photographed reptile on Earth!

Leaving park Güell might leave in you a strong dislike of mankind, especially after visiting the main sights, which was later even strengthened thanks to two guys who tried to rob us in the bus. Well, more of this bitterly funny tale later.






One of the most famous reptiles in the world.


City panorama. Trying to avoid the next house covered in scaffolding.


My collages from Park Güell. These are the patterns of the ceramic pieces on Gaudí’s famous bench.


They say La Rambla is the place where most of the pickpockets and muggers are all ready and waiting for their prey. Well, as for us, we (almost) were the victims of crime way before we even got there. Being already set on alert mode, we arrived at this huge famous boulevard a bit suspicious and skeptical. But I couldn’t wait to see this street, the one every city guide is talking about how impressive it is. My impression of it was that unless you plan to shop souvenirs or have a bite I don’t see many reasons why go there. If anything, it will only deepen your aversion to crowds (if you happen to have such aversion) and, like us on account of this little incident with pickpockets, you won’t find La Rambla neither appealing, nor safe. But I must say the doors and balconies of the houses around are truly beautiful! And I also think it must have a different atmosphere in the summer, the February weather made it look a bit gloomy and uninteresting. That is why I didn’t even take many shots there – only of doors and balconies already mentioned.

After La Rambla we went to see the marina and the sea front. That was way way nicer 🙂







Classic Katka on the Shore shot: birds. I simply have a thing for birds I suppose. Wherever I go I take pictures of them.


Our favourite beer.

Let me sum up this trip with some stats: Number of photos taken: 511, out of which 27 were photobombed by a random person. Number of photos I photobombed: 342 (my sheer estimation). Selfie sticks counted: 16. Selfies counted: beyond my abilities. Annoying kissing couples: 1473. Number of prevented robberies: 1. Plus two uneasy stomachs after the turbulent flight home and two happy Katkas equals a very good and unforgettable trip. Regardless of my grumbling and sarcastic remarks Barcelona was great 🙂


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