Much needed getaway: Barcelona day 1

It’s been almost two months since I packed my suitcase (okay 3 suitcases and 4 cardboard boxes) and headed for home. After 15 months of being a traveller – in a constant cycle of packing and unpacking – I so to speak settled down. But…I kinda got used to this lifestyle and I must say that shortly after my homecoming I started to miss it!

My wanderlust was satisfied last week on Friday the thirteenth: on my favourite day I set out for Barcelona. 

Unlike the usual stereotype about Friday the 13th, I can easily call this day a day of good luck. I can’t even remember if I ever had a journey this smooth and organised. Everything had gone without a single hitch – like clockwork – though there were so many things that might have gone wrong.


Once in a lifetime I got a seat by the window ! (It rarely happens). On our way to Barcelona we flew over the Alps and the views were just amazing. Btw, all this time I was wondering whether we are not flying too low – I felt like I could nearly touch the snowy peaks.


We were on an incredibly tight schedule having to make it to a concert in central Barcelona starting just over an hour after our expected arrival. We were only hoping for no delays, which certainly wouldn’t be the best kickoff to the long weekend. Thankfully, the Irish airlines together with Barcelona public transport service proved reliable and gave us a warm welcome to this great city.

We stayed at a small and cozy B&B called “Forget me not” with a really great central location, clean and lovely rooms and a very friendly staff. We were literally just round the corner from the famous Casa Batlló. I highly recommend this place and will definitely not forget it.

The highlight of the first evening definitely was George Ezra. You don’t know him? Okay – it’s the guy that sings Budapest. BUT, apart from Budapest and many other songs he has, one of his ballads is called Barcelona. So it really was nice to listen to it whilst in this city (which at the time felt surreal given we just arrived and haven’t seen much of it, or nothing, yet). Our luck continued on the gig – despite the long queues at the front gate we were lucky enough to catch a good spot in the venue – I wasn’t even hoping for such a good place to stand. I was so close I could even see the scar on his forehead and even had a few eye contacts with him. Well… I might have just made that up 🙂

Here are the only two pictures from the concert I took. They are a terrible quality – I didn’t have my camera with me (obviously) and I haven’t updated my phone for couple of years now so with that poor old fellow one couldn’t take much of a pro stuff 🙂



Excited from George’s too short performance (we could have spent hours listening to him and yes, watching him) we walked around the city for a while before jumping straight to bed. It had been a lovely first day.

More photos from Barcelona coming soon – as soon as I go through about 500 pics and sort them 🙂


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