A little poem for tonight

The Search 

A boy or a girl in the name of Tracy
Chasing a storm, dark and hazy.
A girl or a boy must be a fighter,
To find the one willing to shelter a tiger.

Dire and endless such is this storm.
Time always drags just before dawn.
Awaiting a car that greets a hitch-hiker,
Who begets next morning to look brighter.

Someone who shows life could not better.
The one who composes a song from a letter.
One who brings water when the thirst is great.
Who blurs the line between real and faith.

When all the words betray their meanings,
One will revive from the ashes of Phoenix.
A pair of headlights emerge from the mist,
Beseeching two animals to coexist.

I wish in this voyage you were the driver,
Who in the end saves me and my tiger.

This poem is inspired by one of my favourite books ever – Tracy’s Tiger by William Saroyan. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend, although it is not your typical novel (with an elaborate story, that is). It is a short little book and it’s utterly charming. It makes you think. It is that kind of book you start reading and you are like: what the hell am I reading? (So weird!) But you can’t help it and you have to turn the pages quicker and quicker until you come to an end and you are like What the hell have I just read? (So genius!).

This perhaps is a little spoiler – so you don’t have to proceed reading if you don’t want to – but the TIGER in this story is a metaphor to our deepest desires, to our dreams, and most importantly to LOVE. The way the book is written (and, its length as well) makes you read it again and once you read it the second time knowing and focusing on this metaphor – it becomes all the more beautiful.

I wrote this poem thinking about one particular person, but it’s also about love in general. About how hard it is to find someone who would shelter you from a dark and hazy storm, dry you up, bring you to sleep and would show you the next morning that the sun has come up again and shines brighter than ever.


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