Weirdos, freaks & where to find them

Gretchen: You’re weird.
Donnie: Sorry…
Gretchen: No, that was a compliment.

Let me use this little dialogue from the movie “Donnie Darko” (by the way, a great movie – I highly recommend) as an opening line to my today’s post, which is sort of a celebration of weirdness. As strange as it sounds, let me first say just for the record that I am an absolutely “normal” human being, not at all “weird” and an utterly “weird” one, not at all “normal”.

That is the main question here: who is weird and who is normal? In most cases these two words are antonyms, but the fact that weirdness and normality are both terms impossible to define practically means they can be even used as synonyms. Or, their generally accepted meanings can alter due to one’s needs or views. Complicated, but let’s face it: can you imagine a tougher task than to define “normal”? Therefore, if we agree on calling someone “weird” because we don’t find him “normal”, but this someone finds himself very normal and thinks YOU are the strange one here, it only confirms that the discussion about weirdness is really tricky.

It all depends on the point of view. I my humble opinion everybody is weird, in their own way. What is important though, is whether the weirdness of a particular person is appealing to YOU. Whether calling them weird works as a compliment to them. I have always been very fond of such weirdos – those that I find attractive and pleasant. One of the most beautiful feelings I know is when someone else’s weirdness perfectly matches my own. This occurence is commonly known as friendship (or relationship of any kind).

Everybody is weird and everybody is normal. It all hangs on what is weird and what is normal TO YOU. And, even if yours and that person’s weirdness don’t exactly click, they can still be very inspirational for you.

It strikes me that some weirdness is more creative and more inspiring. Some weirdos see things “normal” people will never see, colours the others could never even imagine, write words that aren’t to be found in any dictionary. No poet, writer, painter, inventor, revolutionary, philosopher has ever been what you could call normal. If they were, we wouldn’t now admire the fruit of their weirdness – their art.

Weirdos, freaks, geeks and others of that kind are usually misunderstood by the common folk of our lovely bubble called the society. They are like rotten apples amid beautiful, perfect, polished, red apples.

If I were to choose, I’d rather be rotten. The process of decay is natural and inevitable. It symbolizes development, evolution. What else can you do but to rot? Hide behind a beautiful disguise?


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