On getting a job

As of today I cease to be just a blogger, who takes each day as it comes, lives freely and carelessly and whose existence brings no practical value to the society – very soon I will become a tax payer! I can mark Wednesday 21st January as another milestone on the timeline of my life: I got a proper full time job! And, what’s more, it was the first (and the only) CV I have sent since I got back home from London.

Getting a job is always a big deal – but getting the first ever job is a HUGE one. Not that I never worked – I did have several part time jobs whilst I was still a student but never have I ever worked every single day, paid taxes and had a steady income.

Needless to say, I am excited. My excitement is, however, nowhere near to that of my parents’. After breaking the news to them, they must have tried very hard not to rejoice too much, opening champagnes and celebrating their only child’s soon-to-be financial independence. I obviously don’t have kids myself but I believe there are two main milestones in the life of a parent: the day their child was born and the day they become independent. It’s like their lives start afresh – “Oh my goodness, what am I even supposed to do with my whole monthly salary now that it’s all mine?” That kind of thing.

For me, this job means a lot but above all it means a total change in my lifestyle I had been living for the last …well… many years. It means waking up early, daily routine, alarm clocks, stereotype, restricted freedom (of speech – sometimes), lack of sleep and dreams, less time to think. If you read my About section that is basically the exact opposite of what I like and what I am. This is what becoming an adult is about: you have to cope with doing things you don’t like doing and you have to realise life will never again be as careless as it was in your younger years. But you’ll get rewarded for it one day.

So I came up with this theory summarizing my new job situation (actually, any random person’s job situation):

Time and money are mutually exclusive commodities.

Too bad it’s those two things together that make a perfect (dream) job. There surely are such lucky people in this world though, who have both. When it comes to this job I got – it’s not going to be me. At least not for the time being.

I’m going to have a drink now, so here’s to new beginnings and new challenges! x


8 thoughts on “On getting a job

  1. Congratulations! Just so you know, I got fired from my first full-time job. Actually, I just wasn’t hired after the probationary period. It’s a long story. But, the good news is that I got a better job the next time around, and enjoyed it very much.

    It is a radical change in lifestyle. I found the same thing at age 40 or so, when I went from being a salaried employee to starting and running my own business. With no “boss,” no “office,” and no co-workers, I was completely responsible for everything. That took some getting used to.

    Again, congrats! I know you’ll do well.


    • Thank you very much for your kind words! yes, I too have a probation period – three months – so let’s see what will happen to me until then !
      I agree with you, people don’t usually stick to their first jobs, there is definitely something better ahead in the future, but I am looking forward to this change in my life anyway. it is a challenge no doubt about that!
      good luck to you with your business. that is my dream to – to be my own boss one day 🙂


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