A little note from a street philosopher

Graffiti, spray-painting, writings on the wall. An act of vandalism or art? To me, street art can be neither, both or one of the two. Depends.

I find some writings truly inspirational. I call some of the street writers “street philosophers” because from time to time I stumble across some really nice thoughts.

Here is one that I captured in Southampton:


I don’t know what made him write that, maybe it just crossed his mind and he wanted to share this enlightening message with the rest of us or maybe he’d lost someone or something and needed to get it out of his chest. In any case, he’s damn right! Or she.

I can’t wait for another piece of philosophy the street will tell.


6 thoughts on “A little note from a street philosopher

    • I wouldn’t say nothing else than this moment matters but how you feel in this particular moment is the only thing that matters. you never know what might happen the next moment, so trying to make the most of this particular one is important.
      But even wasting your moment is not always a bad thing, that reminds me of another quote I heard: time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.
      thank you for the comment!

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