Oscar nominations are out..! (..raging)?

Do I smell Oscar nominations? …And… disappointment?

Nah, actually I am not surprised at all. What could, after all, the big academy surprise us with apart from cliche film taste and a rigid scheme-like parade?

It’s the same old, same old: Again the academy picked five movies – The Grand Budapest Hotel, Birdman, the Imitation Game, Boyhood and American Sniper – that the whole gala night of the 87th academy awards will be about. And on top of it, the movie experts also agreed on which movies will be entirely snubbed this year.

Please excuse my little whinging (if you know what I mean 🙂 ) but I simply don’t get how the third Hobbit could have scored only one pitiful nomination. Not that it matters, us – loyal fans – would love the movie(s) no less, but seriously was the Battle of the Five Armies worth only a nomination for sound editing? Something that most of the people out of the industry could never notice anyway? OK, I wasn’t expecting Peter Jackson to be nominated for the directing award, but I was almost certain they would at least give Billy Boyd a shot with the original song nomination for The Last Goodbye. When it comes to nominees in this category I could cope with almost anything, but seriously – “Everything is Awesome” from Lego movie? Please, don’t!

Interstellar ended up a bit underrated too – yes, it did score 5 nominations which is not that bad, but most of them are again in “less important” categories (sorry) – plus one of them is for Hans Zimmer’s music score, which is sort of obvious, so Christopher Nolan came out pretty much with nothing. Angelina Jolie’s first directing piece Unbroken was left kinda unappreciated too, so was Gone Girl, the only hot stuff being Rosamund Pike who’s in my opinion very likely to take the prize home.

I was not so keen on the Grand Budapest Hotel movie, so it’s very hard for me to judge whether it was worth the nine nominations, but I dare guessing we’ve got the winner for the best picture. The movie meets all the requirements to win: there is literally everything – the pre-war period, crime, love, fun, political background, social struggle, weirdness (not only of the director), from Zero to hero character (literally), it has the word Budapest in its title…

My whole faith (if there ever was one) in the film academy, however, rests on Bradley Cooper: If he does NOT win the best leading actor award – there is still hope. I wonder when will the academy people and the whole outer world (especially the movie industry people) notice Bradley can’t act (sorry, but he just can’t).

PS: I don’t usually post about celebrities, movies, or the Oscars. But when I do it’s because I’m bloody angry my fave movie didn’t get the nomination 🙂 peace x


4 thoughts on “Oscar nominations are out..! (..raging)?

  1. I think it’s fairly astute of you to realize there is a sort of charade going on with the Oscars, as there is every year. Worthy films and performances are nominated, but many are for the artists’ whole body of work, not for this year’s work. First time nominees do win, but not in a major category, unless it’s a lean year. Behind the scenes conflicts between studios and creatives influence what gets nominated, and definitely affects what gets snubbed. Cultural and political zeitgeist of the season influence the choices. Excellent flops do not get nominated, but neither do “critic proof” blockbusters (except for technical awards). The overall choices obviously reflect the viewing preferences of white men over 60, who make up 8 of 10 Academy voters.

    The Bradley Cooper nom is an interesting one to handicap. This is his third one in a row, so he’s popular with the Academy, and it increases his chance of winning. Same goes for multiple nominee/past winners Julianne Moore and Meryl Streep. But American Sniper and Chris Kyle are controversial subjects, and Eastwood lost a lot of Hollywood brownie points over his empty chair stunt at the 2012 GOP convention. Those things hurt Cooper’s chance for a win.

    I thought it was his best performance of the three, but so many things affect outcomes besides whether or not someone can (or does) manage to act with excellence.

    My choice for biggest snub was The Lego Movie, which should have been a lock for Best Animated but wasn’t even nominated. And if you didn’t get the joke that is “Everything is Awesome”, you’ll have to return your snark pass. I think it should have been nominated for Best Screenplay! It’s the cleverest satire of consumer culture I’ve seen in decades.


    • well, everything is a matter of taste. this post wasn’t meant to be an expertise or anything. There isn’t a bigger amateur in movies than myself. I just spontaneously wrote what was on my mind after I read the nominations because I am a movie fan, maybe my taste is not the best, but it’s mine.
      and yeah I’ve seen the lego movie, its just not my cup of tea, and yes I got the joke with the song but I just didn’t like it. yeah it was funny and catchy no doubt about that, we were singing it with my housemates but I thought It was meant to be rather as a joke, than a real song. I dont know.
      I wouldnt take my post too seriously 😀


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