Doing it for free

Couple of days back I read an article advising students and fresh graduates – who don’t have much experience yet – not to do anything for free. It said that when it comes to internships, temporary jobs or any short work experience, employers want to use the students or fresh grads as a cheap (or even free) work force and despite the fact that young people should definitely be grateful for any experience they can get they shouldn’t do it for free because it’s practically abuse.

I don’t agree. I’d been offered a very good writing experience when I was maybe 22-23 years old and I didn’t take it because it was not salaried. It was a copywriting job for a travel agency – the task was to write an online content about regions they were offering their services in. Instead of money they were offering me I could go on one of those trips they organised AND a really good looking addition to my CV.

Yes, they were totally gonna use me and of course they picked me because they knew they can’t afford a real content writer who would have asked for more money (any money, as a matter of fact). BUT I didn’t take it because I was stupid and proud. Stupidity and pride are not very good traits in general, but combined together they are nothing less than lethal.

I should’ve let myself getting used by them! I regret it now so much.

Since starting this blog I am reading other blogs on an every-day basis and it’s incredibly inspirational. I also realised for the first time that many people wish to become sort of professional bloggers who would blog for a living. Many try to get funding, or try to get adverts on their blogs, or try other ways to make money from blogging I don’t yet know of.

When it comes to me I’m totally fine with doing it for free. Who on this Earth would pay me for my bullshits anyway?

I am never going to let any chance for a good writing experience to pass me by because of some false belief I am way better than that. That I am too good to do anything for free. I’m writing blog posts almost every day, and even many I don’t publish on Katka on the Shore (yet), or I’m also writing for my other projects. And I am happy I’m doing it. In fact, happier than ever.

I know many people hope some publisher might stop by their blog and offer them some form of cooperation. I hope so too. And I even dream to publish a book one day. But not now. For the time being I am dedicating hours to my writing because there’s no better feeling than publishing a new post. Like creating something new all over again.

I am writing for free because it’s a pleasure. This time I’m not gonna screw it up because of either stupidity or pride.


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