Vegan Nazi

Lately many different groups of “nazis“ emerged, among others let me mention the most popular grammar nazis, econazis, fashion nazis, or feminazis. For those who never came across this term let me enlighten you. No these people are not necessarily germans (but they could be couldn’t they?) and no we are defnitely not talking about a time period before 1945. The term “nazi“ was adopted for it refers to a specific group of people who share the same strong (sometimes fanatical) views about a specific area of interest. This may be not exactly a new phenomenon but these newly appointed nazis, who are always ready and happy to correct you when you’re wrong, express their opposition to your viewpoints with even greater pleasure now – in the age of technology – when applying your freedom of speech is oh so easy via social media. And all these keyboard warriors wallow in such environment like pigs in the mud.

Let us leave these other nazis be and let me go back to the central theme of this post. I am a member of various vegan groups on social media (okay, it’s facebook), where we not only exchange recipes and tips and tricks how to supplement animal products in cooking but also share opinions and news in the world of animal rights. Though I am “only” a vegetarian I love vegan food and I support and care about causes brought up by veganism, but to tell the absolute truth I find it really hard to say my goodbyes to cheese (tasty parmigiano on pasta, melted mozzarella on a pizza, feta cheese in greek salad yummyyy). I try to avoid lactose and dairy products as such and I do not buy fashion that uses animal products. Why do I explain all this? Because even though yes I am a sinner, who deserves to burn in hell and yes I do not exactly belong to vegan groups as I am not a strict vegan, I dare to consider myself a conscious person, who is not ignorant about her environment. That is why I chose to follow vegan groups and want see what they are up to. But dear lord, try to explain this to those able to resist the temptation, those who legitimately belong to those vegan societies. I therefore rarely post, or comment on other posts in discussion threads and most of the time limit myself to the position of a reader and observer because sometimes it’s such fun reading the things vegan people have to say. These are some of my insights about one particular vegan facebook page:

  1. Vegan sometimes rhymes with hater.
  2. If you dare to ask a question about veganism that is unclear to you in a vegan group they usually tell you to gtfo or lmgtfy (or both).
  3. Are you a carnivore? To the boiling hell with you, sinner! And btw gtfo of this group.
  4. Are you a vegetarian? To the boiling hell with you, hypocrite! And yeah, you too can gtfo of this group.
  5. No – you really don’t want to bring up the topic of palm oil, honey or free range eggs.
  6. And before you ask, no, buying a free range or home made animal product does not make you a better person.
  7. Please no more posts about falafel, guacamole or vegan pancakes. One could easily make them blindfolded.
  8. In fact, don’t bother posting anything essential or obvious for a vegan because all you’ll get is: *yawn* Boring! Next!
  9. Vegan recipe groups sometimes tend to be a great place for food exhibitionists and hipsters getting kicks out of taking pictures of food instead of selfies to get as much likes as possible.
  10. All people in vegan groups were vegans way before it was cool.

It just strikes me there is way too much hatred and negativity in some of the contributors than necessary. This applies only to SOME vegans, I have met many people who really are amazing and do not try to push anyone else into becoming vegan too. But it’s also incredible how many morons there are – people who truly discriminate against people who are not vegans and feel superior because apparently they are doing more for the planet than them. I think what is more important is doing it for yourself and for the animals. You’re after all not a vegan for anyone else and should not try to change anyone. Yes, I believe that spreading a word is good, but let everyone do as they please and eat what they please. Don’t hate 🙂

Sometimes I ask myself whilst reading those hateful comments: if they love animals so much, then why hating people so much? But yeah, that question probably answers itself.


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