Freedom of speech (?)

“All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.” This timeless quote describes it all – a naked truth without any embellishments: there is no equality in the world. If there was, an opinion of one would count for the same as the opinion of the other. Why is it that some opinions are more equal than others? I keep asking myself this question but simply can’t find the answer.

I was a big-mouthed and, to be honest, a bit indescreet child. I always spoke what was on my mind and wore my heart on my sleeve. My mum and my dad used to scold me for that, telling me I should learn when is best to keep my mouth shut or I might end up regretting opening it in the first place. They told me that one day someone might kick my ass.

I wonder if their parents were telling them the same thing when they were kids.

One way or another, they didn’t listen.

What my parents, their parents, or anyone’s parents did never tell us is that for speaking up you might end up paying the highest price. And what’s more – in the liberal democratic country, which prides itself on its freedom of speech.

Do we really have the freedom of speech? Can we take pride in it? Or is it only an illusion? You’ve got your freedom of speech, but you still have to know when’s best to bite your tongue. Why? Because you might get your ass kicked. Because some opinions are more equal than others.

Thank you for not being afraid.



One thought on “Freedom of speech (?)

  1. Our speech is dictated by the society we dwell in,we are branded not just by our words but by our attire and the company we keep. If we speak some unpleasant truth we are cast away and suppressesd.I do feel the true essence of freedom of speech is still buried inside our constitutions unable to find its true place . 🙂


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