Advantages of returning home from London

I am sure anyone who’s ever moved out of a big city to live in a small town must have experienced some kind of a cultural shock. My home town Bratislava is a capital so it is by no means a village, but let’s face it: once you’ve lived in London any average sized city seems too small to you. It’s not like I lived there for so long that I’ve nearly fogotten how it feels like at home, but still it was enough time for me to get used to it. Now that I’m home I’m beginning to see how living there has changed me.

There are so many people and things that I miss about London but I’m beginning to realise there are also many great things about home. Things I may have not appreciated before as much as I do now. So I made a list of 8 major advantages of returning home from London (though I know it’s highly subjective):

  1. I don’t need a map to travel around the city. Goodbye CityMapper, Google Maps, Tube maps (wait! we’ve got no tube)… AND what’s more – it doesn’t take me ages to get from my house to wherever I need to go. Actually, it takes me 15-20 minutes on average to get everywhere. In London? Feels like I wasted my whole youth commuting.
  2. I realised I’ve become so patient that nothing really bothers me anymore. Long queues? Waiting for the bus? No problem! Anyone who’s survived changing at Victoria, Bank or Oxford Circus tube stations on a regular basis should be nominated for a patience award!
  3. Public transport fares are so cheap. When I used a bus for the first time after moving back home and was reminded of the price – 70 cents for a bus ticket – I was like: My treat today fellow people on the bus – tickets for everybody!
  4. Going out is so cheap! You can actually go out on Friday night and can afford to eat the following weekend. Beer for a quid, a shot for a couple of cents more. Enough said.
  5. I suddenly realised I can’t remember how my umbrella looks like. Not that it doesn’t ever rain down here, only I don’t wear an umbrella as a part of my everyday attire.
  6. This city is missing something….. oh yeah, tourists! “I really miss the tourists”: Said no one who moved out of London ever.
  7. I’m suddenly meeting people on the streets by coincidence. And quite often. That thing could never happen to me in London.
  8. Bread is so delicious! So is wine and beer. I’ve just never grown to be fond of bread sold in British supermarkets – which is actually not a real bread to me. It’s just something to make a toast with. When it comes to wine and beer I remain a patriot too 🙂

It’s the little things…


2 thoughts on “Advantages of returning home from London

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I am from Dunajska Streda, and it seems to be the most peaceful place on Earth in comparison to London. I love going home, but I also love London. As you listed, it teaches people tolerance, patience.
    Have a lovely day,


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