Black, white & red

I am a person of contrasts and the black and white contrast is particularly appealing to me. Those who know me probably noticed I usually wear either black or white, or both at the same time. As for photography, I think some photos just look better in B&W. Colour disturbs me sometimes. I feel that emotion that could have been shown beautifully in contrasts is somewhat scattered all over the place by too many colours. It all depends, though, on the atmosphere of the photograph. Just like some pictures literally ask for colour, some on the other hand just need to be plain. I love both.

Here are some of my black-and-whites:


Pigeons in Covent Garden. I saw this bunch of birds on the ground and knew at some point they’re gonna fly away so I waited and waited.. for this moment 🙂


Old man in the village of Hamble-au-rice near Southampton.


A lonely piano.


Taken in Winchester.


Seagulls in Brighton. Birds again. For some reason I am fascinated by flying 🙂


This woman was charming – dressed in her vintage clothes struggling to unlock the bike lock. But she finally did it and hit the road! Taken in Winchester.


Those clouds made my day. And my monochrome picture of the old BB 🙂


Gathering by the sunset in Brighton.


Leaving. I took this picture whilst waiting for my plane at Stansted. I placed my camera on top of my suitcase and posed. Felt a bit awkward to be honest but I couldn’t resist 🙂


No more drinks for me?

Two colours, two favourite objects. Black like a camera, white like a paper.

But what about the red?

That’s passion. That’s heart. You can’t see it, but it’s there.


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