City lights

Every city looks special with the night fall, giving out a whole different feeling of the place. London by night is amazing. Thousands of city lights contrasting with the emptiness of the dark sky is a beautiful thing to watch. It is sad at the same time too – you can’t see the stars. They were replaced by light bulbs.

The other day when I was walking down the South Bank I was imagining what if all the stars just burst and fell down setting all the bulbs alight. They wouldn’t be called city lights then, but the city stars. As an incurable daydreamer, I’d rather keep thinking that instead of the fact that the lamps are actually killing the starlight. What an atrocity.

That day by the Thames I realised how much I’ve grown to be fond of London. At first the city was nothing but the noise, chaos, and confusion for me but now I see it differently. I see the beauty in its diversity. The diversity that can offer you a lot if only you don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by it, if only you reach and grab it. I learned to hear music instead of noise, feel joy instead of pleasure, see the soul instead of gold, appreciate creative work instead of business and live by passion instead of foolery. Thank you Hermann Hesse for the last sentence (I got inspired by one of his quotes).










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