Sunday stroll in Notting Hill

Given my previous post was a confession of me being a night owl, today was a rather special day: I got up at 8 am. The reason for this abnormality is that one of my closest friends Tina came to London this weekend to pay me a visit and made my whole weekend special ! 🙂

We were kind of a peculiar party: me, Tina and her dad. To me though, this isn’t strange at all, as I’ve known Tina for almost 13 years now and I get on well with both of her parents, just as she does with mine. Her dad is 60 years old, but he definitely isn’t your usual old man, unless you picture an easygoing and witty guy (what a compliment, I hope he gets to see it!). So the three of us went on a long stroll around London, the first stop being the Portobello Market, Notting Hill.

Out of all the markets I have visited in London, Portobello is my absolute favourite. You can literally buy anything here: from things you really do need (or at least you think you do) to completely useless bric-a-brac kinda stuff you utterly fell in love with and can no longer live without (or at least you think you can’t). You can clothe, feed, entertain yourself there, furnish your house and do your weekly grocery shopping – all in one place – on one street with its unique cozy atmosphere.

You can tell tourists from locals apart very easily too, not only the locals do not usually carry their cameras and rummage through the stuff for ages, they normally go there with an actual vision of what they’re going to buy. Unlike the tourists, who instead have absolutely no idea what would be the best item to bring home as a souvenir so they end up making themselves believe that a vintage compass, magnifying glass or a pocket watch might be the right choice. The less inventive ones can always stick with the Portobello Road metal street sign 🙂


When I woke up in the morning it was raining, which not only made me want to jump back to bed but also thinking this day was lost. London, however, was kind to me – the minute I stepped out of the house the rain stopped. Otherwise, the three of us – all passionate self-appointed photographers, who took this beautiful day as a photo hunt – would not rate the day with the top marks. And yeah, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with the fish eye pics 😉


It had been a day full of beautiful colours, objects and people to shoot. The light conditions were perfect most of the day so the shots did not even need much editing. And some really nice pics I took! My beautiful friend Tina became my photo target for quite a while. And she just fits great to the bright lights of the day 🙂


The next two pictures are almost identical – only by my second attempt to pose with the smile No. 2 for a change I was photobombed by this funny, slightly intoxicated young lad. But I wouldn’t dare say he ruined my picture, our hats go pretty well together, don’t they? 🙂





There’s nothing like Notting Hill if you are lucky with the weather just like we were. And if you are equally lucky to have such good companions like I had be sure you go and spend a day in this picturesque and lovely spot on the map of London. You won’t regret. xxx


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