Christmas lights

December knocked on our doors and whether we like it or not we had to open up. It is a huge cliche but… time flies so fast! A few moments ago I was still in Southampton, a student and in the blink of an eye I am here in London, an adult. And another memorable year is almost over. But, contemplations aside – yesterday was a really good day worth mentioning.

I was delighted when my friend Dixie told me she’s coming to London for a day to meet with our other friend Aarushi. We planned to visit British museum, Tate modern and Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Only one of these ambitious plans worked out for me though – if I didn’t oversleep through their visit of the museum I could have been a notch richer in my knowledge of the history, but what’s done is done. I thought I would make it to the Tate at least, though we wisely replaced that plan with having dinner instead 🙂 But the Hyde Park plan fortunately came through and it definitely was one of my best days in London.

Christmas carols played in our ears all along, the smell of bratwursts followed us everywhere and the stalls offering all sorts of nice stuff attacked our wallets. It was really hard not to stop by every single stand so we didn’t fight it and actually did stop by almost every single one 🙂 And of course we had to have the Christmas markets classics: mulled wine, punch, waffles and roasted chestnuts. Oh I knew I couln’t live through this market without roasted chestnuts! They reminded me so much of the markets in Bratislava, my home town, as though they don’t roast chestnuts anywhere else in the world. But just the smell of them took me back home. They were bigger – because in London they do everything big – and three times more expensive but it was worth it. And yes, be sure it was a photographer’s heaven on Earth so me and Dixie took so many pictures as though it was some kind of a photo hunt. But, what could we do, all those Christmas lights sought to be captured.

I concluded Christmas markets are definitely not suitable for two types of people: those who hate Christmas and everything about it and those who are utterly against consumer society. Or, those who hate Chistmas because it gradually turned from a Christian tradition into a commercial feast. But they can be a magical place for dreamers and incurable Christmas atmosphere lovers, who instead take it as a great opportunity to pamper all five senses. Maybe even the sixth, if you happen to have one.


Christmas lights & temptations








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