Whisky & Happiness

Did you know that whisky is actually good for you? I heard somewhere the other day that a glass of whisky every now and then helps to prevent you from heart attacks and even some forms of cancer. I’m not sure about that, but what I know for sure is that whisky makes you prettier. How do I know? Personal experience of course 🙂

My first week in London was what one could call desperation. I seriously didn’t have a clue what I’m supposed to do. I was overwhelmed, lonely, unemployed, lost. Every single night I went to sleep so late that I’d spent almost the whole next day in bed, and even if I eventually did get out of bed I’d felt sleepy and lethargic. Everything seemed just too much for me: too gloomy, too rainy, too crowded, too noisy… I could go on but I think I have made my point. And the worst thing was I didn’t feel comfortable in my own house. The four guys I live with, who had been friends for a long time, were all having fun together and the house was so lively with their presence, but I still felt like an outcast, an intruder, who doesn’t belong there.

One day I realised I can’t carry on like this. As it is not in my ability to change anything about the environment I live in, I figured it’s my attitude I have to change. So I ceased to be a lone wolf and started to open up to my housemates. And the means to do that was… yes, whisky. It wasn’t even my idea. One day one of my housemates Jonny saw I wasn’t really happy and poured me a generous glass and kept drinking with me, listening to me and cheering me up until I felt better. Then Alex came back home and suggested we watch movies all night and went to buy another bottle. And that’s all we did – drank and watched films but it’d meant the world to me. These (then) strangers have done more for me than they actually think – they put my mind to rest and soothed my soul. We now always keep a bottle (or two) in the fridge just for the occasions like these. But, as it happens, we take any night for the occasion. Sometimes we just sit around in the living room and someone suggests having a glass of Scotch – I don’t see why not! Or we’re having a good conversation throughout the night sipping whisky and talking over all problems of the world like we did one night with Chris and went to sleep at seven in the morning (and it all started with “Let’s have one glass and go to bed“).

They are all very sweet, handsome and good guys and I am really lucky to be living with them. I’m so glad I gave them the chance to make me realise you have to start with the person in the mirror if you want to be happy. And suddenly, even the reflection looked prettier.

Only now I am not so sure if it really is whisky that makes you prettier.


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