Everything on Earth with you

Something sweet I saw today got me thinking. Today on the coach to London I was sitting next to an asian couple, they could have been in their mid-twenties, and I couldn’t help myself looking at them all the time – they were so adorable. She was knitting a dark green woolen scarf (seriously who KNITS these days? Isn’t it amazing? Even my grandma gave it up for the price of the wool is nowadays higher than three new jumpers from you-know-where-store) probably for him, and in the meantime looking at her boyfriend, smiling at him because he was constantly taking pictures of her with the classic DSLR with a-bit-too-large-and-awfully-expensive lens. Even when she wasn’t looking and was absorbed in her knitting, he kept snapping her from different angles and then examining his shots for ages. When they both got tired of their activities (it was very early in the morning) they fell fast asleep, shoulder to shoulder, head to head.

When I got off the bus at Victoria heading towards exit, there was a beautiful girl sitting on a bench reading a magazine whilst her boyfriend, a very stylish long haired hippie looking guy, was reading a book lying down, his head in her lap. A simple picture really. And yet there was something magical about the scene. They weren’t talking to each other, they didn’t need to, each one of them absolutely engaged in their reading… but they needed to be close, to have their piece of intimacy in that crowded place.

It strikes me you don’t physically need anyone for doing particular activities. You can’t knit the same scarf at the same time with another person (two hands are just enough). It wouldn’t be of any use if four hands held the camera at the same time, pressing a shutter button together. And just as well, even if it is possible for two people reading the same book at the same time, it is not the best thing to try.

There are lots of things you normally do on your own. And you enjoy doing it on your own. But having your loved one next to you, sharing a moment with you, casually touching each other every once in a while makes the time spent doing your own thing divine.


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