One day in… Cambridge

I was planning a trip to Cambridge for at least a year. Being occupied with my studying however (ehm, an excuse maybe), I could not find time or the right circumstances to go. But finally we, Lukas, Dixie and me, managed to go and it was more than worth it! I’m not gonna lie, Cambridge attracted me first and foremost because of the University of Cambridge, which is always in the top three (if not first) in university rating. Knowing many famous people who studied or taught there this place gives away some kind of a historically romantic feeling – thinking about whose feet touched the very same ground I am now walking on.

Right after we got to the city centre we got surrounded by several groups of young guys trying to talk us into taking a punting tour. At first we wanted to walk the city on our own, because seeing the town from boat reminded us of these bus tours in big cities that are aimed at older or lazy people who just want to enjoy the comfort of being taken everywhere by someone else. We kept turning them down by making various excuses but believe me it was so hard! Their perseverance finally resulted in us giving in and saying yes. And I have to admit it was the best decision of the day. On a beautiful sunny day like that nothing could be more exhilarating than being sat in a boat – or a punt – and seeing all that beauty around. A huge plus was John – the guy who steered the punt – who was a bit of a story teller! He told us everything he knew about Cambridge and I’d say even things he did not know and just made them up to make us laugh (which he did very successfully). He seemed like that sort of guy whose wit and resourcefulness helps him to add to his stories because he managed to turn every uncertain information into a gossip and every fact into a sensation. So if you ever go punting in Cambridge, ask for John 😉

Afterwards we did what we had planned from the beginning. We walked around the city, visited the market, had a cuppa coffee in a cozy little café (it was my first coffee in a long long time), took pictures, stalked some Cambridge students and visited an official university shop selling robes, scarves, polos, classic knitted V-neck sweaters and other accessories decorated with the respective college’s crest. Needless to say, for the three Harry Potter buffs like ourselves it was a blast! 🙂




With John – our storyteller 🙂


Dixie and the Mathematical Bridge



Art within art


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