One day in… Bournemouth

One beautiful September day me and my friend Lukas made a trip to Bournemouth. I really like these one-day trips. Knowing you are going to spend only a couple of hours in a place you feel the urge to make the most of your time there and to see as much as possible. Not only to see. But to absorb the place, to feel it.

So that’s exactly what we did. Tried everything Bournemouth is famous for and spent the day as one should when by the sea. So we went straight to the beach, soaked our feet in a freezing water and spent at least an hour looking for shells and nice pebbles. We went to a world famous (at least that’s what they claim) fish and chips place – only a “chips” place for me though – and a desserts awaited for us on the Boscombe pier where we indulged ourselves in a home made locally famous (that claim was more plausible) ice-cream, chilled out and just breathed the salty air in – so precious for the two inlanders 🙂

We especially enjoyed taking pictures with the colourful beach houses – a trademark of Bournemouth – and giggled at the families or elderly people grilling their sausages, drinking their pints of lager and “sunbathing” under the english sun. Very quintessential 🙂 And yes, we bought lots of souvenirs!

Grinning from ear to ear we then got on a train taking us back to reality after a little sunny getaway!


Once you’re by the sea side no matter how cold the water is, you just have to soak your feet in the sea 🙂


some colourful memories


Love my feet selfies 😛


People would sometimes do almost anything to be special – this upside down acrobat/guitarist is one of the Bournemouth’s more extraordinary tourist attractions 🙂


Harry Ramsdens famous fish and chips place and one (two) hungry mouths to feed.


Seagulls – my usual favourite objects to shoot – only with my camera of course 😛


A beautiful sunny day B-)


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