iPhone you phone

Can someone please explain to me what’s with the iPhone mania? Sometimes I get the feeling like I’m most likely the last person in this country without an iPhone. I mean seriously, are other phone brands still operating on British market? Do other brands even bother selling their phones in Britain? Because even if they do bother, I guess the pitiful number of sales must really damage their dignity.

Again, I hate to make generalizations – actually I love to make them no matter how wrong I realise they might be – but seriously if you spot someone in the streets of London, on the tube, on the bus or wherever else with a different phone than iPhone you can conclude one of the following :

  1. The person is a tourist from a country where competition is actually existent on the phone market, therefore the person is not British.
  2. The person is British but he or she accidentally dropped his or her iPhone on the floor/down the toilet/or the gap between the train and the platform and he temporarily has to use his mum’s or dad’s old phone (from before they got iPhones as well).
  3. The person is British but is a lot more of a hipster than actual hipsters (I mean those homless looking people with iPhones) that means he or she is a hipster without even knowing or realising it.
  4. That phone is just a company phone. And he or she happens to be employed in an Asian company.

Iphones became obviously globally accepted in Britain as the only phones worth having. Price is not much of a factor here, because no matter if you are a high profile politician, CEO, a waitress, or a student, everyone somehow can afford to have one. And even if they couldn’t afford it at first they probably just skipped some lunches or dinners to save up some money in order to follow the main stream.

Those with iPhones can easily accuse me of being just jealous that I don’t own one. But come on, I am so NOT jealous. I couldn’t be less jealous. In fact I love my Windows Phone. And I totally don’t need Instagram or Tinder. Did I mention I’m not jealous? Because I’m not 😉


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