Katka is on the shore

My name is Katka and I am on the shore. Why am I on the shore? I’ll give you three hints:

1. Have you read Murakami’s book Kafka on the Shore? So there’s why.

2. Some of my foreign friends were struggling with pronouncing my name and kept calling me Kafka. Thank God they didn’t call me Franz.

3. I live on the island and until recently I lived on the shore.

Though I do not inhabit the actual shore anymore my mind still wanders in the quest of looking for an imaginary shore, a new land where it can settle down. It floats like a ship through the sea of opportunities, experience, disappointments, tears and joy in hope that one day it spots a distant shore where it can finally cast an anchor and dock. Until that day comes I will continue on living a life of a drifter, not belonging anywhere and everywhere at once.

Katka on the Shore is my new blog which I will upload with my everyday insights, stories and anecdotes as my own personal pensieve – a collection of my memories, thoughts and dreams. Sometimes I add some nice picture, a comment, a grumble or a praise. I am no writer but I believe one day I will become one. Writing is my passion, my dream and my easiest way how to express myself.

I am happy you visited my blog and hope it becomes a pleasant and inspiring part of a world wide web.




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